Botanical garden of Dusseldorf (part 3)

Botanischer Garten Uni Düsseldorf

Get ready for a long walk. You’ll need to be in shape, because when you get in the garden, you’ll stay for awhile.

There is a lovely path, then lots of grass, all kinds of bushes and plants properly labeled with precise Latin names.

Specially lovely and creative is a bee house – designed in a natural way. It’s like a luxury bee hotel 😉

You can see an artistic log, other path that leads to some plant picture exhibition where you can learn so much about different sorts of flora around the world.

Then again, there are everyone’s favorite geese and pond, sometimes visited by other adorable birds.

On the other side, next to greenhouse, there is amazing cactus section and we will write about it next time.

Enjoy in greenery till then 🙂