Botanical garden of Dusseldorf (part 4)

Düsseldorf Botanischer Garten

It’s a real attraction of Dusseldorf. Among all the urban, modern buildings and railways, chic boutiques and luxurious shops, there is a piece of nature, exceptionally well maintained and inviting.

The center part and the first thing you see on the entrance is of course glass dome or Greenhouse. It’s a work of art, design and architecture masterpiece.

Inside, you can see enormous collection of plants from all around the world.

Temperature in greenhouse is measured and you can see that when you enter it.

Admission is free.

Experience unique.

Every part of the present flora is meticulously recorded so that each visitor can learn and find out what he/she actually looks and visits.

There are bees inside, they are friendly, doing their business. You don’t bother them, they don’t bother you. Perfect symbiosis.

So many plant species that you can’t count. Like a tropical jungle.

Amazing place for a weekend tour.