Boules on the Rhine promenade

Bowling in Dusseldorf

Summer in Dusseldorf is special.

Everything is MORE !

More people, more fun, more laughter, more events, more …..

Altstadt and especially Rhine promenade is crowded with tourists and natives. Everyone finds his/hers kind of entertainment.

Playing various games and being active is something Dusseldorfers know how and love to do.

Favorite playground for Boules fans is on Rhine promenade. Suitable sandy ground and parallel set trees are simply perfect for this game.

This kind of bowlingboules, petanque or simply told rolling and throwing steel balls is very popular in Dusseldorf.

Couples, friends, groups gather in Altstadt – Old Town and share common love for sports and good game, mixed with few beers, wine …

Passersby sometimes cheer, sometimes just take pleasure in watching. One of the nice things is, if you don’t play, to simply look relaxed people who enjoy their hobby.

Perfect way to spend quality time and share positive energy 🙂