Burgplatz – paradise for gathering and socializing

Castle Square – Burgplatz

One of the liveliest parts of the Altstadt.

Burgplatz or in English “Castle Square” is beautiful, wide, open and always alive place in Dusseldorf.

In addition to being the link between Altstadt and Rheinuferpromenade (Old Town and Rhine promenade), Burgplatz is also a gathering place for tourists, as well as citizens of Dusseldorf.This square has great view on Rhine, lots of restaurants, brewery and of course central part – Schlossturm.

Schlossturm or “Castle Tower” now hosts Maritime Museum and offers interested tourists wonderful attraction to visit.

But, besides all of this, especially in the summer, or at least during warmer days, stairs that lead to Rhine promenade are full with people – young, old, happy, quiet, alone or in a larger society, couples …

Everyone is there. They usually sit and drink beer, wine, Killepitsch, Jagermeister, smoke or eat takeaway pizza.

And, usually, there are always some talented people eager for audience, performing – singing, playing, or dancing.

It’s a beautiful feeling to belong to the positive crowd.

Everyone is welcome !!!