KIT – Kunst im Tunnel

Gathering place for artistic souls. Right on one of the most popular turist spots in Dusseldorf – Rhine promenade or Rheinuferpromenade.

KIT – Kunst im Tunnel – Art in the Tunnel is an amazing place for every artist and their exhibitions. Unique space for exposing artwork with really capable creative team is just what every person should visit at least once. No matter whether you live or just visiting Dusseldorf. Besides the days when you have to pay a ticket to enter this cool underground place for culture, there are free days which you can find on their website.

Also, there is a benefit of KIT Cafe & Bar where summers are a MUST SEE & VISIT !

Besides its spectacular view they offer great entertainment, concerts, music, shows…

People share great energy, positive vibes and enjoy life in general here.

KIT is really the place for artistic souls but also for those who love to listen to the music while sipping some cool drink and look around. People are what makes it special.

And there are always lots of people in and outside the KIT.

Check it out. You’ll have an awesome time.


Goethe-Museum Dusseldorf

If you like literature and appreciate legendary writers, place you must visit is Goethe-Museum in Dusseldorf.

Amazing architecture, building with beautiful color, awesome large book sculpture in front of the museum are just a few details about this place.

In the museum you can find things about life and work of one of the most respected writers in the whole world – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

This is a serious recommendation because book lovers will love it!

And a great info is that near the Goethe Museum is an amazing park with lovely tree alley, benches and lots of peace for those who enjoy reading outside.

Visit Goethe-Museum when you are visiting and sightseeing Dusseldorf.

It’s worth it!


Shopping in Dusseldorf(part 2)

Whether you like window shopping or you are a full blooded shopaholic, Dussledorf is the city for your taste.

Numerous shops, malls, extraordinarily stocked department stores and boutiques are a haven for shoppers who live and breathe buying luxury merchandise or just have great fun purchasing all kinds of things.

Dusseldorf has entire shopping street like Königsallee which we mentioned in our previous post and also amazing Schadowstrasse with absolutely stunning building Schadow Arkaden.

Besides Schadow Arkaden on the other side of the city there is another cool mall Dusseldorf Arcaden where you can have your shopping rush and enjoy in various brands.

Whatever you prefer, going alone or in company, you’ll have an amazing experience while shopping in Dusseldorf.