Graffiti street in Dusseldorf

Street art in Kiefernstrasse, Dusseldorf

Famous graffiti or street art has special place in Dusseldorf. Entire street – Kiefernstrasse has more than creative house fronts. Inspiring drawings, personal life attitudes and opinions are placed on whole buildings, from foundation to roof.
Kiefernstrasse 5
They are inspiring and colorful, definitely not-everyday.
Kiefernstrasse 6
To walk along this street, whether you like murals and graffiti or not, you have to admire persistence, great patience, wonderful details and spirit of the artists.
Kiefernstrasse 4
Today, it’s mostly quiet, but once was notorious street. Place for alternative culture.
Kiefernstrasse 3
Now, you can just spend hours enjoying awesome artwork and follow the stories those drawings tell you. Each building has its own.
Kiefernstrasse 2
So, when you visit Dusseldorf, be sure to stop by and take a walk down the Kiefernstrasse.
It’s definitely worth it !!!