Kaiserpfalz – The Imperial Castle of Kaiserswerth

Die Kaiserpfalz in Kaiserswerth

Mystical and legendary remains of Imperial castle in Kaiserswerth are another attraction of Dusseldorf.


It’s not so far from actual city of Dusseldorf and it’s definitely worth seeing.

Kaiserpfalz 2

Kaiserswerth is one of the oldest parts of Dusseldorf and as such it carries special charm. Lovely houses, streets and restaurants contribute to the overall impression of the historical place. It’s peaceful, quiet and wonderful for relaxed sightseeing, particularly along Rhinepromenade.

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Kaiserpfalz 5

Kaiserpfalz 4

Kaiserpfalz is interesting for those who like history, stone ruins with stories centuries old.

Kaiserpfalz 6

It is a perfect way to spend a day looking around and imagine about things that have happened in the castle through the ages …