Libraries for all who speak German

Public libraries

If you are a book lover, enjoy reading, you are visiting Dusseldorf and speak German – then you should know that there are few places where you can borrow books for free.

Public libraries

You don’t have to go to the city library and become a member. All you have to do is go on Rhinepromenade or Schillerplatz, whichever is closer to your accommodation, and you’ll find lovely public libraries where book lovers borrow and return books for free.

I was delighted with this discovery. Book community is fair and honest, they take and return books without stealing or making damage.

Simple as that.

Public libraries 2

All you have to know is to read German language.

What is also wonderful is that both places have benches, Schillerplatz has adorable park with families and kids who play. And Rhinepromenade – well is Rhinepromenade. Clean air, river, and perfect view. Just pick a spot, take your book and dive into reading .

Public libraries 3

People in Dusseldorf generally love books, frequently visit book stores and read. Indeed, great community.