Media Harbour (part 4)

MedienHafen architecture

Media Harbour is indeed special.
It is a mixture of amazing, creative architecture, bold design and stunning facades.

The most noticeable and famous among wonderful buildings are of course Neuer Zollhof or Der Neue Zollhof – in English “The New Zollhof“.
This is a building complex created by seriously creative and imaginative architect Frank O. Gehry. His buildings not only have spectacular facades, they also have incredible design and bold colors.

Beside them across the river, there are picturesque, colorful buildings with unusual shape and one even has colorful people climbing all over it 🙂
Of course, we’re talking about Flossis by Rosalie.

As a conclusion we just have to say one more time that if you travel to Dusseldorf you should definitely visit this urban part of this stunning city.