Happy New Year 2020

It’s that time of the year dear friends and Dusseldorf lovers!!!

Time to count the blessings, think on mistakes you made in the past 364 days, success and happiness you achieved and hope for better next one.

We all have something to be happy about 2019 but more than that we have more to hope to accomplish in next 2020 🙂

In that sentiment Dusseldorf Guide wishes you to have great, awesome and fun New Year’s Eve.

Happy New 2020 Year !!!


The month of the holidays

Ah, December time ….

Time for fun, good time, visiting attractions, Weihnachtsmarkt, Riesenrad, Glühwein and joy 🙂

Dusseldorf is beautiful throughout the year, but has some special charm in December.

Numerous stalls show true Christmas spirit, celebrate holidays and are main mark of Weihnachtsmarkt.

You can find there all possible trinkets, perfect gifts for your loved ones and anything your heart desires, especially sweets;)

If you are sightseeing be sure to check out famous Ferris wheel – Wheel of Vision or Riesenrad and greet holidays with some hot mulled wine – Glühwein.

With all this you’ll have lots of fun during entire December, you’ll say good bye to this year and wait new one.

We wish you to always have peace in your mind, joy in your soul and love in your hearts 🙂


Wheel of Vision – Riesenrad

I’m sure it’s an unnecessary reminder but anyway here it comes.

Like every year one of the most awaited attractions arrived in Dusseldorf.

It’s Wheel of VisionRiesenradFerris Wheel.

Placed in Burgplatz, Altstadt-Old town, it attracts great attention from both, tourists and natives.

Anticipating holidays, celebrating incoming new year and all following festivities, Wheel of Vision is a great joyride no one should miss.

Near the Schlossturm you can have a fun ride, enjoy in an amazing view and visit Schlossturm itself.

Anyway, anyhow, do not miss your chance of taking a ride on a famous Ferris Wheel and see the world from above 🙂