Nordpark in Dusseldorf (part 10)

One more round about Nordpark.

There is more than enough content and lovely corners in Nordpark to visit and of course, to write about. Japanese garden – Japanischer Garten is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and relaxing parts of this park.

So much greenery, amazing trees, a pond with fish, little stone table with a place to sit….

It is beyond any nice words.

You just have to take your free time (make it a day) and check this out.


Looking forward to the fall

Herbst or fall in English is coming soon.

Now, summer in Dusseldorf is unrivaled, but autumn has its own advantages.

New, vibrant, autumn colors, parks with different atmosphere, new vibes…

Rhinepromenade – Rheinuferpromenade never sleeps, so new-old people who love good walk and positive energy shouldn’t hesitate to take a stroll to fill their batteries. Those trees, alley, benches wait for you 🙂

Altstadt – Old town always welcomes large crowds and has special charm in the fall.

Wherever you look, you’ll see something alluring.

So, Herbst or Fall or Autumn, visit Dusseldorf if you’re already not there and have fun!!!


Nordpark in Dusseldorf (part 9)

This part of Nordpark is simply special. And famous among tourists. Locals, too.

What’s not to like.

Magnificent trees, pond, trimmed bush…

But most of all that wonderful peace.

You can just sit and absorb all the beauty around you, natural sounds and smells.

Look up and enjoy in amazing shapes of trees.