Rhine river promenade in Dusseldorf

Rhine promenade in winter

Ah. Where to start?


Maybe from one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Or promenade’s beauty in winter time.

Or, summer & Rhine promenade.

Maybe romantic moments ….

So many things and events happen daily on Rhine promenade. And each one of them is special.

In general information you can find all the technical details about Rheinuferpromenade.

Here, we’ll write about our experience and what kind of impression left on us Rhine promenade.

Since it’s winter time, we’ll start from there.

Whether it’s snowy or not, you can have a great walk, run or ride a bicycle. Vast space, river and clean air are just what you need during winter days. Though it’s often windy, promenade offers possibility to clear your head and enjoy the view – always spectacular.

And if you freeze, there is always a cafe nearby with delicious cakes, coffee and hot tea 🙂 Maybe even something stronger 😉