Rhine tower – Tallest building in Dusseldorf (part 2)

Attraction in Dusseldorf

In case you didn’t hear about Rhine tower, don’t worry. This is the attraction that it is impossible not to notice.

It has 168 floors and to its peak you arrive at breakneck speed, in 50 seconds. For those who are not huge fans of such fast elevators, here’s a tip. Close your eyes and ears, there is a pressure.

And as if this was not enough to make a tower unique, architect Horst Baumann made a light sculpture Lichtzeitpegel – “Light time level” which is actually the world’s largest digital clock that displays at night world time.

On special days, holidays, at night you have a magnificent, colorful light show.

So, not by any chance, do not miss the Rhine tower when touring Dusseldorf.