Sculptures in Dusseldorf (part 8)

Statues in Dusseldorf

Two more very interesting and popular statues are located in Altstadt, Dusseldorf.

Famous Auseinandersetzung or Dispute consists of two bronze sculptures of men debating. It’s very popular among tourists who enjoy taking photos of it.

The author of this stunning work is Karl-Henning Seemann.

One of indeed most visited and pictured statue is in the heart of Altstadt, in front of Rathaus Marktplatz – Town Hall. It is also bronze, famous Jan Wellem Equestrian Statue or Jan-Wellem-Reiterstandbild.

The Rider is in the center of a small square surrounded with Rathaus, restaurants and coffee shops.

Almost every city event starts here and there is a seriously large number of them.

This is definitely one of must see in Dusseldorf.