Südpark in Dusseldorf (part 2)

The largest park in NRW – Südpark

Indeed vast space.

Südpark 11

South Park has lots of interesting things for kids. Playground, camp, mini zoo with farm animals are some of park contents.

Südpark 18

Südpark 15

Besides fresh air and incredible nature, park is arranged to suit everyone.

Südpark 16

For people who love wild, untouched nature or those who like clean lines and trimmed trees.

Südpark 13

In addition to the enormous part for picnics, sunbathing and enjoying, there is an indispensable part of artistic achievements of international artists.

Südpark 12

Except sculptures and even a small maze, the part that certainly attracts attention is famous “Zeitfeld” or “Time field” with 24 clocks by Klaus Rinke.

Südpark 17

The well known clock garden is perfect for taking photos and slow walk.

Südpark 10

And if you are in good physical condition, there are a lot of parts in the park for climbing and fast walking or running.

Südpark 14

In any case, do not miss a visit to the Südpark.