Südpark in Dusseldorf (part 3)

Südpark is the biggest park in NRW

As mentioned in our two previous posts Südpark in Dusseldorf and Südpark in Dusseldorf (part 2) this enormous park is one of many places where Dusseldorfers, as well as tourists, can find their own perfect spots and spend quality time.

Südpark 19

Südpark 20

Südpark 21

In the summer it is absolutely beautiful, with all the flowers and plants, but autumn and winter have their own perks.

Südpark 22

Südpark 23

Südpark 24

South Park consists of three different areas : Volksgarten, “Vor dem Deich” and “In den Gärten”.

Südpark 25

Südpark 26

Südpark 27

So, if a person gets tired from all the nature, there is a restaurant near by for refreshments 😉