Bridges that connect Dusseldorf (part 3)

There are more bridges in Dusseldorf.

Hafenbrücke Düsseldorf or “Dusseldorf Harbor Bridge” was subject of our last post. Here comes more.

Another road bridge, with fast traffic, tram tracks and inevitable pedestrian-bicycle part.

Oberkasseler Brücke or in English “Oberkasssel Bridge” is one amazing bridge that connects Dusseldorf downtown and one of the richest and most luxurious parts of Dusseldorf – Oberkasssel.

It can be a major event, to cross this bridge, if you are afraid of heights.

For those people afraid of heights, there is no need to walk near the fence, you’ll feel just fine if you are more near the road.

But view is definitely worth the drama.

Breathtaking is the word.

Whole Rhine, majestic Rhine tower and almost entire Dusseldorf are before you.

On the other side is a very rich Oberkasssel with beautiful houses, almost castles. Lovely alley, nice shops and restaurants. Simply irresistible.

So, don’t be lazy, bring a good mood and adventure of crossing the bridges by foot can begin !


Bridges that connect Dusseldorf (part 2)

Dusseldorf’s bridges are something special indeed. In previous post it was Rheinkniebrücke – “Rhein Knie Bridge”.

Second is smaller but no less beautiful – Hafenbrücke Düsseldorf or “Dusseldorf Harbor Bridge” .

This is pedestrian bridge (footbridge). Design is creative and daring. View is simply stunning.

You can see(and have a feeling you can actually touch) Rhine tower, Rhine, Media harbour and lovely Rhine (wild) beach – if you’re there in summer don’t miss it.


This bridge has a well-developed bicycle traffic. So, watch out 😉



Bridges that connect Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is such a beautiful city. Has it all.

Modern, urban, traditional, natural.

It also has some magnificent bridges.

Bridge usually reminds of connection – physical and that intangible but no less important.

One of really interesting bridges in Dusseldorf is Rheinkniebrücke – “Rhein Knie Bridge” .

This is a road bridge, but also has zone for bicycles and pedestrians.

You can visit Apollo platz and when you are already there, it’s a nice experience to cross Knie bridge – on foot or bicycle, whatever you prefer.

Small warning is that it’s very windy there 😉

But wind is forgotten once you see amazing panorama. On the other side there are lovely houses and peaceful atmosphere.

Check it out 🙂