Burgplatz – paradise for gathering and socializing

One of the liveliest parts of the Altstadt.

Burgplatz or in English “Castle Square” is beautiful, wide, open and always alive place in Dusseldorf.

In addition to being the link between Altstadt and Rheinuferpromenade (Old Town and Rhine promenade), Burgplatz is also a gathering place for tourists, as well as citizens of Dusseldorf.This square has great view on Rhine, lots of restaurants, brewery and of course central part – Schlossturm.

Schlossturm or “Castle Tower” now hosts Maritime Museum and offers interested tourists wonderful attraction to visit.

But, besides all of this, especially in the summer, or at least during warmer days, stairs that lead to Rhine promenade are full with people – young, old, happy, quiet, alone or in a larger society, couples …

Everyone is there. They usually sit and drink beer, wine, Killepitsch, Jagermeister, smoke or eat takeaway pizza.

And, usually, there are always some talented people eager for audience, performing – singing, playing, or dancing.

It’s a beautiful feeling to belong to the positive crowd.

Everyone is welcome !!!


Benrath Palace and park

Visiting Schloss and Schlosspark Benrath is experience no one should miss in case you are in Dusseldorf.

Benrath Palace&Park

Benrath Palace is amazing baby pink old fashioned castle. Designed in baroque style it is surrounded with stunning garden, spacious park and fabulous ponds.

Benrath Palace&Park 2

Benrath Palace&Park 7

In the vicinity of the palace are the servants’ quarters, close to the beautiful garden full of flowers and various plants.

Benrath Palace&Park 8

Part of the Schlosspark is neatly arranged with freshly trimmed trees and bushes but there is also a wide part with wild flowers and trees where you can get lost from every day hectic business schedules and modern life. Just be close to the nature and peace.

Benrath Palace&Park 5

When you get to the end of the park, you can cross the street and you are on the beach ! I’m not joking – real beach of the Rhine river. There is sand, waves and sun – all you need for fun 🙂

Benrath Palace&Park 6

Additional beauty are ponds, one in the front and one in the back. Their home residents – swans, geese, ducks are very sociable and used to people.

Benrath Palace&Park 3

With historical importance of Schloss Benrath and extraordinary sculptures, Schlosspark is also perfect location for summer concerts.

Benrath Palace&Park 4

Palace itself is beautiful and offers place for various events.

So, here’s another inevitable attraction of Dusseldorf.


Kaiserpfalz – The Imperial Castle of Kaiserswerth

Mystical and legendary remains of Imperial castle in Kaiserswerth are another attraction of Dusseldorf.


It’s not so far from actual city of Dusseldorf and it’s definitely worth seeing.

Kaiserpfalz 2

Kaiserswerth is one of the oldest parts of Dusseldorf and as such it carries special charm. Lovely houses, streets and restaurants contribute to the overall impression of the historical place. It’s peaceful, quiet and wonderful for relaxed sightseeing, particularly along Rhinepromenade.

Kaiserpfalz 3

Kaiserpfalz 5

Kaiserpfalz 4

Kaiserpfalz is interesting for those who like history, stone ruins with stories centuries old.

Kaiserpfalz 6

It is a perfect way to spend a day looking around and imagine about things that have happened in the castle through the ages …