Afrika Markt & Fest 2017 as one of Dusseldorf upcoming events

29.09 – 01.10.2017. are days of Afrika Markt & Fest 2017 in Dusseldorf. It starts today, but it is actually just a warming up for tomorrow and Sunday.

In these upcoming events in following days, Dusseldorf will see African culture and tradition, taste their food, drinks and cocktails and enjoy their music and dance.There are several stands with wonderful jewelry and wardrobe and so many stunning pieces of African craft and artwork.

Visit Apollo Platz tomorrow or on Sunday and take a look 🙂


Afrika Markt & Fest

This colorful fest started on 09.09.2016 and ends on 11.09.2016.

Africa 5

If you like African culture, music, food and souvenirs this is the event for you. Just go on Apollo Platz -Johannes Rau Platz and you can’t miss the drums.

Africa 4

Africa 3

Africa 2

Exotic food and cocktails, masks, jewelry, all kinds of handmade souvenirs, clothes accompanied by music will give you pleasure and fun.


It is definitely an event you’d like to see.