Rheinwiesen in Dusseldorf (part 2)

Friday the 13th.

No, no no, this is not a horror story. Forget about it.

It’s Kirmes time!!!
Time for fun, games, food and drinks!

Besides the usual everyday activities on Oberkasseler Rheinwiesen there are other, more interesting and special events.

One of them is traditional Rheinkirmes – Größte Kirmes am Rhein. One of the largest and most visited fairs in Germany gathers people from all around not only Germany, but world too. Every year has new games and rides, exciting details and of course ones from the previous year.

Games, music, food, rides and all kinds of fantastic stuff take place on this lovely meadow.

People cross the bridge, literally, or take a small boat ride across the Rhine river, get on the other side and have a great time.

Rheinwiesen turns from a quiet peaceful place with sheep into a crowded, loud place full with people who have fun and enjoy the moment.

Starting Friday, 13.7.2018 and ending on Sunday, 22.7.2018 this years Kirmes waits for you 🙂 🙂 🙂


Afrika Markt & Fest 2017 as one of Dusseldorf upcoming events

29.09 – 01.10.2017. are days of Afrika Markt & Fest 2017 in Dusseldorf. It starts today, but it is actually just a warming up for tomorrow and Sunday.

In these upcoming events in following days, Dusseldorf will see African culture and tradition, taste their food, drinks and cocktails and enjoy their music and dance.There are several stands with wonderful jewelry and wardrobe and so many stunning pieces of African craft and artwork.

Visit Apollo Platz tomorrow or on Sunday and take a look 🙂


Book festival – Büchermeile on Rhine promenade

Düsseldorfer Büchermeile or in a literal translation “Books miles” is for those (like myself) who LOVE books and are passionate readers.

Great book respectors – Dusseldorfers really like this book festival. Lots of people of all ages walk along Rhine promenade to look and buy rare, antique books from private collectors, comic books, historical books and all sorts of literature.

This reading fair started today and ends tomorrow.

So, all those who are interested in this kind of culture should stop by and visit this attraction, because this is a fest for heart and soul.