City library in Dusseldorf

Those who are book lovers will understand joy and pleasure person can find in a library.

City library 4

City library or Stadtb├╝chereien in Dusseldorf is simply beautiful. And very appealing.

City library 11

It is wide, clean, well organised, bright and has lots of space. You can wander around, read, drink a coffee, use Internet and enjoy.

City library 9

Numerous books, in German, but also in other world languages, including English, attract readers.

City library 7

Everything is cataloged, in alphabetical order and in sections. It has lower and upper floor, laden with all kinds of literature.

City library 5

In case that you are unable to find what you are looking for, the librarians are kind to offer you instructions.

City library 3

There are sections for children and younger readers, section with comics for those who love comic books, but only in German ­čÖü

City library 10

Newspaper, DVD, CD, music related literature and wide choice of reading material.

City library 2

Also, if you need to use Internet, it is available.

City library 8

Borrowing and returning books is very cultural and you do everything by yourself.

City library 6

City library

The annual fee is 20 euros.

In brief – Stadtb├╝chereien is a great place to spend your quality time.