The beaches of Dusseldorf (part 2)

Lots of choices in Dusseldorf, for everything you need or want.

It applies on having summer fun as well.

Numerous pools – indoor and outdoor, unforgettable famous lake Unterbacher See and very popular Rhine open beaches.

One of the most popular among native Dusseldorfers, students and tourists is Paradiesstrand.

You should be in good body shape though, if you want to enjoy in this specific beach. Not because of how you look in your swimsuit, but because the way to the beach is “a bit” steep.

That doesn’t stop neither young nor older crowd.

People come and go all the time, swimming, sunbathing, having fun, grilling, and of course inevitable – drinking beer ­čÖé

It’s cozy, there are few trees for shadow, nice people and beautiful sand. Rhine waves, some boats passing and people who enjoy in water sports – like jet ski.

Paradise is waiting for you on Paradiesstrand.

Come and have fun ­čÖé


S├╝dpark in Dusseldorf (part 3)

As mentioned in our two previous posts Südpark in Dusseldorf and Südpark in Dusseldorf (part 2) this enormous park is one of many places where Dusseldorfers, as well as tourists, can find their own perfect spots and spend quality time.

S├╝dpark 19

S├╝dpark 20

S├╝dpark 21

In the summer it is absolutely beautiful, with all the flowers and plants, but autumn and winter have their own perks.

S├╝dpark 22

S├╝dpark 23

S├╝dpark 24

South Park consists of three different areas :┬áVolksgarten, ÔÇťVor dem DeichÔÇŁ and ÔÇťIn den G├ĄrtenÔÇŁ.

S├╝dpark 25

S├╝dpark 26

S├╝dpark 27

So,┬áif a person gets tired from all the nature, there is a restaurant near by for refreshments┬á­čśë


S├╝dpark in Dusseldorf

S├╝dpark or South Park in English extends on 70 hectares and as such is considered the largest in NRW.

S├╝dpark 4


You can literally get lost in its beauty and wideness. Lots of trees, ponds, lake, gardens, art, park for kids, mini zoo or farm, meadow ….

S├╝dpark 6

Entrance is free, so whoever wants to walk, jog or just enjoy in peace, S├╝dpark is more than enough. It’s clean, has benches to rest and lots of space for exercise or just simply be lazy ­čÖé

S├╝dpark 8

S├╝dpark 3

Right next to the pond are placed benches where you can enjoy watching the ducks and water lilies.

S├╝dpark 5

A little further is a huge and absolutely perfect lake. Near are swans who are used to people and like to be photographed.

S├╝dpark 9

There are many paths and so many things to see and places to visit.

S├╝dpark 7

One day is not enough.

S├╝dpark 2

So is not one post ­čśë