Hungarian day in Dusseldorf 1956-2016

Dusseldorf is multicultural and multinational city.

In this regard, today, Hungarian day took place on Schadowplatz in Dusseldorf.

Hungarian day 8

Hungarian culture, tradition, amazing food and drinks are displayed on numerous stands. You can find something for everyone.Hungarian day 3 Hungarian day 2 Hungarian day 4 Hungarian day 6Many creative handmade works of art like furs, hats, leather,drinks, honey products, wicker baskets, jewelry, handbags and of course tasty, delicious specialties as chimney cake(sekler cake) – Kürtőskalács and fried dough – Lángos.

Hungarian day 7 Hungarian day

Hungarian day 5

Crafts of sorts can occupy your attention and provide you with a colorful selection of gifts for your dear ones, or just a little something for you.

You can check out this event because Hungarian days finish on Sunday 11. September 2016.