Rhine river promenade in Dusseldorf (part 4)

Endless party.

Evenings and nights on Rhinepromenade are extra special. Considering that it’s one of most popular places in Dusseldorf, with countless tourists, people who eat, drink, walk, chat, skate and do whatever they like – even walk on the edge of protective fence toward the river, it is hard to single out only one feature, which makes Rheinuferpromenade the heart of entertainment of Dusseldorf city.

It’s especially nice to walk in the evening, when sun sets, when Rhine has special glow and couples walk hand in hand, share their love, joy and few kisses 😉

Romance becomes more intense, along with fun and relaxing on the meadow with friends.

People bring blankets or something similar, sit on the grass, drink (unavoidable) beer, some bring food and make a picnic, others enjoy in vaping – smoking hookah.

Benches, lights, shadows, music from Kasematten, gives at the same time privacy and sense of belonging to one big party.

You choose what you want.

Of course, all is followed with ice cream trucks – eis is something you don’t miss 🙂


Happy New Year 2017

2016 is almost over. Expecting 2017 and hoping for even better things.

Many of us will have New Years resolution, we will outline new goals while we prepare celebration of New Year’s Eve 2016/2017.

In the spirit of the holidays, we – Dusseldorf Guide team, wish you joy, fun, love, good health and peace in 2017 !!!

Happy New Year 2017 🙂