Shopping in Dusseldorf(part 2)

Whether you like window shopping or you are a full blooded shopaholic, Dussledorf is the city for your taste.

Numerous shops, malls, extraordinarily stocked department stores and boutiques are a haven for shoppers who live and breathe buying luxury merchandise or just have great fun purchasing all kinds of things.

Dusseldorf has entire shopping street like Königsallee which we mentioned in our previous post and also amazing Schadowstrasse with absolutely stunning building Schadow Arkaden.

Besides Schadow Arkaden on the other side of the city there is another cool mall Dusseldorf Arcaden where you can have your shopping rush and enjoy in various brands.

Whatever you prefer, going alone or in company, you’ll have an amazing experience while shopping in Dusseldorf.


Shopping in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is a shopping paradise.

All you need is a bag of money and comfortable shoes and if you are a skilled shopper you can go with a little money and comfortable shoes. There are plenty of shopping malls as well as the very famous Koenigsallee – Königsallee or popularly called Koe – Kö, but also plenty of scattered shops with extraordinary pieces depending on what you are looking for. You can say something for everyone’s pocket. You can even buy famous brands at great prices if you come across a discount.

Luxury goods are everywhere, specially in the shopping centers such are Koe, Breuninger and similar. Within the Koenigsallee there is a fantastic Sevens galerie – a mall for everyone’s taste. Be sure to check it out, because, besides world famous brands and all kinds of merchandise they have great ice cream 😉


VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out 2017 in Dusseldorf

Fashion vs. rain

What do you think, who won 😉

Fashion !!!

VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out 2017 in Dusseldorf couldn’t be stopped or slowed down by persistent rain.

Fashion lovers had fun last night in Dusseldorf on several points, they were shopping all kinds of world brands, enjoying in luxury, glamorous party, and great music.

This stylish event lured lots of people out to try out some new outfits from 20h till midnight.

It was indeed in Vogue still – fabulous!