Rhine river promenade in Dusseldorf (part 5)

What more do you need than perfect sunny sky, space, clean air, river and a breathtaking view.

And with an attraction such is Rhine promenade you get that and more.

Besides the obvious, like sunbathing on the benches, reading, chatting and drinking wine on the same benches, there is so much more you can do on Rheinuferpromenade.

You can run, ride a bicycle, skate, roller skate, simply walk or use the playground with interesting exercise devices for those who are a little bigger athletes 😉

Children specially like those, and very often persuade parents to try their hand. Perfect time and fun for families.

As additional recreation activity their is an alley made for boules. And how much is this favorite activity on Rhine promenade, specially in summer, you can read in one of our previous posts – Boules on the Rhine promenade .

Right beside all this, there is a huge choice of cultural offers. Different museums – Filmmuseum, Ceramics museum, very popular KIT, famous Apollo Varieté, attraction like Rheinufertunnel, towers, Pegeluhr … Long list indeed.

Finally, the conclusion would be that you will not make a mistake if you select Rhine promenade as one of your favorite places in the Dusseldorf city.