Wildpark as one of Dusseldorf attractions (part 4)

When you get into the Wildpark you will be overwhelmed with nature and its beauty. Amazing trees, open space and grass, logs, benches, little pond with its ecosystem and numerous insects…

Whatever you can imagine is there.

But most of all wonderful atmosphere, inviting you to walk, breath and relax.

There is also an amazing wooden sculpture of a bear, which is attraction itself.

People sit on a nearby bench with a wooden table, rest, make a picnic, enjoy in the nature.

Dusseldorf Wildpark is indeed a place to visit over and over again.


Wildpark as one of Dusseldorf attractions (part 3)

Besides wild boar – Wildschwein, another favorite residents of Wildpark Grafenberger Wald are red deer. They are magnificent animals, beautiful and proud, they are used to people coming in groups, families with kids who always try to feed them with carrots or apples.

Rotwild or red deer is the kind you can see in Wildpark. The herd itself is not big, but they have large space to roam, eat, run and relax.

They do know how to enjoy in their environment and mostly they are interested in visitors if they come with something eatable. Kids feed the animals who are so peaceful that they eat from the hand.

This is why we said in our first post about Wildpark to bring vegetables and fruit with you 🙂