Altstadt – Old Town (part 4)

Altstadt is not only representative of Dusseldorf nightlife. This Old Town brakes records as well. In Altstadt, there is a Dusseldorf longest bar in the world. Actually it is a street full of bars…

Besides this, many coffee shops and most appealing chocolate shop, for those with sweet tooth 😉 there are numerous city symbols.

Most famous is the symbol of Düsseldorf – Düsseldorfer RadschlägerDüsseldorf’s cartwheeler.

You can buy all kinds and shapes of this symbol in many shops, which is a perfect gift or a souvenir.


Altstadt – Old Town (part 3)

Altstadt is a center of all interesting happenings in Dusseldorf. Including nightlife in Dusseldorf.

Countless restaurants, breweries, fast food, pizzerias, bars, pubs… You name it.

Nightlife in Dusseldorf is active, lots of people are in Old Town, walking, drinking, eating, sitting on numerous benches. Specially in the summer. That’s the season no one should miss. But Dusseldorfers and tourists are not afraid of cold weather… No way.

Nothing stops good time and fun on weekends, but on work days as well.


Altstadt – Old Town (part 2)

There are numerous little streets in Altstadt with all kinds of interesting shops, restaurants, galleries, breweries…

But there is also one resident of the Old Town which is a constant – little ship anchored near Rhinepromenade.

It’s beautiful, old fashioned and always posing for new tourists.

Besides this Dusseldorf attraction, of course amazing part of Altstadt that connects it with Rhinepromenade is Burgplatz.

This is a special square where all the important and creative events happen.