The beaches of Dusseldorf (part 2)

Lots of choices in Dusseldorf, for everything you need or want.

It applies on having summer fun as well.

Numerous pools – indoor and outdoor, unforgettable famous lake Unterbacher See and very popular Rhine open beaches.

One of the most popular among native Dusseldorfers, students and tourists is Paradiesstrand.

You should be in good body shape though, if you want to enjoy in this specific beach. Not because of how you look in your swimsuit, but because the way to the beach is “a bit” steep.

That doesn’t stop neither young nor older crowd.

People come and go all the time, swimming, sunbathing, having fun, grilling, and of course inevitable – drinking beer 🙂

It’s cozy, there are few trees for shadow, nice people and beautiful sand. Rhine waves, some boats passing and people who enjoy in water sports – like jet ski.

Paradise is waiting for you on Paradiesstrand.

Come and have fun 🙂


The beaches of Dusseldorf

Summer in Dusseldorf is something special.

Of course, even more special when the sun replaces the rain and the wind.

Then, everyone – Dusseldorfers and tourists try to catch as many sunspots as possible, anywhere they can. On the benches of Rhine promenade, on any green area they find, riverside of the Rhine…

People know how to use best of the summer sun, have fun and enjoy.

There are numerous wild beaches near Rhine river and now we’ll introduce you one small, but lovely.

It’s located behind the Schlosspark Benrath or on the other side or end of the park. You can connect two amazing tours, one to visit one of the most beautiful castles in Dusseldorf – Schloss Benrath and other is to take a break after the tour around park and have fun on the beach.

On the end of the park you just have to cross the street and there you are – beautiful, cozy and free. Beach, sand, river.

Perfection, right 😉