Wheel of Vision – Riesenrad

I’m sure it’s an unnecessary reminder but anyway here it comes.

Like every year one of the most awaited attractions arrived in Dusseldorf.

It’s Wheel of VisionRiesenradFerris Wheel.

Placed in Burgplatz, Altstadt-Old town, it attracts great attention from both, tourists and natives.

Anticipating holidays, celebrating incoming new year and all following festivities, Wheel of Vision is a great joyride no one should miss.

Near the Schlossturm you can have a fun ride, enjoy in an amazing view and visit Schlossturm itself.

Anyway, anyhow, do not miss your chance of taking a ride on a famous Ferris Wheel and see the world from above 🙂


Wheel of Vision – one of the Dusseldorf attractions is coming up

Coming up from 14. October 2017. to 07. January 2018. famous “Wheel Of Vision” will take its place on Burgplatz in Dusseldorf.

If you are a fan of heights and want to do unusual things in Dusseldorf, then this is it. You will have fun, see breathtaking Dusseldorf panorama and completely enjoy in your ride on this Riesenrad or “Ferris Wheel“.

It is high, it is exciting and everyone likes it. Wheel of Vision is one of the most popular tourist attraction because it offers an amazing view from above of the entire city.

Specially in the evening and at night when all the lights are on, it looks like a fairy tale scene, perfect for romance and special occasions 😉

Get ready for a super cool experience on the Wheel of Vision !!!