Zombiewalk in Dusseldorf

The zombies are walking around Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf, Germany.

Undead, corpses, blood and brains, living dead stumbling on the street…


If this is the first Sunday in September then you shouldn’t worry – those are just some friendly zombies, taking their usual Zombiewalk.

Zombiewalk 4

Now famous Zombiewalk is a indeed friendly gathering of zombie admirers, dressed in bloody costumes, scary masks and very creative style. This parade started few years ago and each year gets more people who like to take a walk and show their acting skills by becoming a zombie for a day.

Zombiewalk 5

Masks and costumes are really convincing and original, blood-curdling screams and blank looks contribute to the overall horror.

Zombiewalk 6

Zombies start their walk usually at the Burgplatz, continue on Rhine promenade and around Altstadt.

Zombiewalk 2

Zombiewalk 7

The event is well organized and the participants behave, considering they are zombies.

Zombiewalk 3

Living dead show good (undead) manners ­čÖé