​Mary & der Vulkan – Eine meteorologische Phantasmagorie

Exhibition in KIT

We visited KIT – Kunst im Tunnel to see exhibition Mary & der Vulkan.



KIT has wonderful space, great light and atmosphere and most important very kind and helpful curators. It was wonderful tour, specially interesting because it’s underground – in the tunnel.

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Exhibition was about terror. It all started with a volcano which led to series of events in 1816, exactly 200 years ago. Changed lifestyle caused by bad weather made Mary Shelley to create Frankenstein and John Polidori – The Vampyre. It was a time of horror stories.

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Exhibition took place in the tunnel with horror theme and exhibits. It was an exciting experience.

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When you are visiting Dusseldorf be sure to check out KIT and see some of their current exhibitions.

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Simply, KIT is a place you must see for its originality.

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