2017 Tour de France in Dusseldorf

Grand Départ in Düsseldorf

The countdown has begun.

On Saturday 01. July, 2017 edition 104 of the Tour de France will have its start in Dusseldorf.

Indeed, The Grand Départ of 2017 Tour de France is in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Large number of professional teams of cyclists is expected and Dusseldorf is more than ready to be their host.

Considering that Dusseldorfers are very active and used to enjoy the new events almost every day, specially on weekends, it is guaranteed that a huge number of people, both observers and participants will be there, to watch and cheer.

And since cycling culture is very developed in this part of Germany, maybe some citizens of the host city will join the race 😉

Everyone is invited – so don’t hesitate, it is after all the most popular cycling tour in the world!!!

                                                                                       Good luck 🙂