Altstadt – Old Town

One of Dusseldorf’s most attractive parts – Altstadt

Whoever comes in Dusseldorf can not fail to spend few euros in the Altstadt.


Whether it’s visiting one of countless restaurants, bars, fast food places or breweries – just to taste their famous Altbier – old beer, Altstadt is the attraction no one can miss.

altstadt 6

altstadt 7

For a modern city such as Dusseldorf it is really beautiful too see authentic Old Town and breathe in their tradition and unique lifestyle.

altstadt 5

altstadt 4

Tourism is big in Dusseldorf, so you can see lots of tourists wandering around, taking pics and enjoying the food and drinks, while natives usually have their own fun and always kindly help with directions or suggestions.

altstadt 3

altstadt 2

It’s a way of life, mastered through generations, where young and old share great, tasty beer, shop or just take the best from life.