Bridges that connect Dusseldorf

Some of the bridges in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is such a beautiful city. Has it all.

Modern, urban, traditional, natural.

It also has some magnificent bridges.

Bridge usually reminds of connection – physical and that intangible but no less important.

One of really interesting bridges in Dusseldorf is Rheinkniebrücke – “Rhein Knie Bridge” .

This is a road bridge, but also has zone for bicycles and pedestrians.

You can visit Apollo platz and when you are already there, it’s a nice experience to cross Knie bridge – on foot or bicycle, whatever you prefer.

Small warning is that it’s very windy there 😉

But wind is forgotten once you see amazing panorama. On the other side there are lovely houses and peaceful atmosphere.

Check it out 🙂