Dusseldorf main station

Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

Hectic, rush, overcrowded.
Rivers of people come and go.

That’s Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof or in English Dusseldorf main station.

Trains, trams, railway and subway. Numerous platforms and countless travelers.

Every day thousands of people travel here and there and all of them go through Hauptbahnhof. It is a organism itself. It has everything a traveler needs, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, coffee shops, perfumery, newsstand, flower shop ….

On the other side of the main station there is a city library Stadtbüchereien  and in forecourt very popular artwork Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz

Transportation is the key to modern life. And Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof is one of the most functional and perfectly organized stations in Germany.