Rhine river promenade in Dusseldorf (part 2)

Leisure on Rhine promenade

Last post was about winter.

But summer. Summer is like Rhine promenade on steroids !!!

Everything is more, heightened…

People are constantly present there, whether it’s day or night. Tourists from all over the world enjoy in best walk from “Old Town” – Altstadt all the way to Media Harbour – MedienHafen.

On their path there are countless restaurants, cafés and bars.

Of course, most popular is Kasematten Dusseldorf – a row of several restaurants along the river. They are always working in full capacity, they offer amazing view on Rhine, famous for their food, drinks but most importantly stunning panorama and breathtaking sunsets.

For those who prefer more casual style, there are benches along entire Rhine promenade where you can sit, enjoy and drink an Altbier or two 😉

Lots of young people bring some food, mostly pizza and have great time with their friends on most popular staircase in Altstadt.

Though, in summer months, specially in the evening, line for taking the bench is looong. Everyone tries to catch a free one 🙂