Rhine river promenade in Dusseldorf (part 3)

Events on Rhine promenade

Besides the obvious like recreation of all possible types, eating and drinking, relaxing and socializing, Rhine promenade has a lot of other useful sides.

Like organization of various events.

Whenever there is some small or big event, promotion, festival or celebration, Rhine promenade is just the place.

Its perfect location in the town, fact that almost every tourist first goes to visit and experience this specific attraction of Dusseldorf city, with the right gives a central role to Rhine promenade – Rheinuferpromenade in the life of this beautiful city.

Whether it’s a book fair, wine tasting, food fair, some company presentation, zombie walk, various cultural and musical events, promenade is the heart of it.

And Dusseldorfers definitely know how to appreciate it.

Same as tourists.