Rhine tower – Tallest building in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf attraction

Rhine tower is a must see.
In every possible sense.
You can not miss it at all.

When you arrive in Dusseldorf, usually you are prepared with tourist information and your own Internet research, so you basically know that among first, if not the first, you’ll visit Rhine tower and take a photo of it.

The central figure of the city Rheinturm – “Rhine tower” is a 240.5 meters high concrete telecommunications tower in Dusseldorf, finished in 1981 and designed by an architect Harald Deilmann. Tower has observation deck and restaurant at 172.5 meters, Günnewig Restaurant Top 180 – that rotates on its axis once an hour. From the restaurant you have a perfect view of the whole panorama of the city as the palm of your hand.

Indeed amazing spot which inspires you everyday, at least to take one selfie 😉