Südpark in Dusseldorf

South Park is the largest park in NRW

Südpark or South Park in English extends on 70 hectares and as such is considered the largest in NRW.

Südpark 4


You can literally get lost in its beauty and wideness. Lots of trees, ponds, lake, gardens, art, park for kids, mini zoo or farm, meadow ….

Südpark 6

Entrance is free, so whoever wants to walk, jog or just enjoy in peace, Südpark is more than enough. It’s clean, has benches to rest and lots of space for exercise or just simply be lazy 🙂

Südpark 8

Südpark 3

Right next to the pond are placed benches where you can enjoy watching the ducks and water lilies.

Südpark 5

A little further is a huge and absolutely perfect lake. Near are swans who are used to people and like to be photographed.

Südpark 9

There are many paths and so many things to see and places to visit.

Südpark 7

One day is not enough.

Südpark 2

So is not one post 😉