Book festival – Büchermeile on Rhine promenade

Düsseldorfer Büchermeile or in a literal translation “Books miles” is for those (like myself) who LOVE books and are passionate readers.

Great book respectors – Dusseldorfers really like this book festival. Lots of people of all ages walk along Rhine promenade to look and buy rare, antique books from private collectors, comic books, historical books and all sorts of literature.

This reading fair started today and ends tomorrow.

So, all those who are interested in this kind of culture should stop by and visit this attraction, because this is a fest for heart and soul.


City library in Dusseldorf

Those who are book lovers will understand joy and pleasure person can find in a library.

City library 4

City library or Stadtbüchereien in Dusseldorf is simply beautiful. And very appealing.

City library 11

It is wide, clean, well organised, bright and has lots of space. You can wander around, read, drink a coffee, use Internet and enjoy.

City library 9

Numerous books, in German, but also in other world languages, including English, attract readers.

City library 7

Everything is cataloged, in alphabetical order and in sections. It has lower and upper floor, laden with all kinds of literature.

City library 5

In case that you are unable to find what you are looking for, the librarians are kind to offer you instructions.

City library 3

There are sections for children and younger readers, section with comics for those who love comic books, but only in German 🙁

City library 10

Newspaper, DVD, CD, music related literature and wide choice of reading material.

City library 2

Also, if you need to use Internet, it is available.

City library 8

Borrowing and returning books is very cultural and you do everything by yourself.

City library 6

City library

The annual fee is 20 euros.

In brief – Stadtbüchereien is a great place to spend your quality time.


Libraries for all who speak German

If you are a book lover, enjoy reading, you are visiting Dusseldorf and speak German – then you should know that there are few places where you can borrow books for free.

Public libraries

You don’t have to go to the city library and become a member. All you have to do is go on Rhinepromenade or Schillerplatz, whichever is closer to your accommodation, and you’ll find lovely public libraries where book lovers borrow and return books for free.

I was delighted with this discovery. Book community is fair and honest, they take and return books without stealing or making damage.

Simple as that.

Public libraries 2

All you have to know is to read German language.

What is also wonderful is that both places have benches, Schillerplatz has adorable park with families and kids who play. And Rhinepromenade – well is Rhinepromenade. Clean air, river, and perfect view. Just pick a spot, take your book and dive into reading .

Public libraries 3

People in Dusseldorf generally love books, frequently visit book stores and read. Indeed, great community.