Hofgarten in Dusseldorf (part 2)

People in love with nature definitely have their own places in Dusseldorf. This city is full of public parks and lovely spots surrounded with trees, grass and benches.

Hofgarten is one of those parks. Amazing, large, widespread …

In every part of it besides flora and fauna – trees, flowers, birds, rabbit, there are recognized works of art, numerous sculptures, fountain… You can visit, while walking, even one incredible museum – Goethe museum

Playgrounds, perfect picnic spots, everything is dedicated to enjoying nature. Another attraction, again while walking, is Schloss J├Ągerhof. Don’t miss it.

Anyway, you’ll have wonderful time in every park in Dusseldorf. Visit them and choose your favorite ­čśë Or two ­čÖé


Hofgarten in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is full of amazing parks. All of them are wonderful and well arranged. Clean, with lots of benches and of course ducks, geese, bunnies and swans.

One of the largest is public park Hofgarten.

It spreads all around Dusseldorf, from the Rhine River to Jacobistrasse.

Between Breuninger and Steigenberger hotel, there is a park with beautiful sculpture, lovely pond which connects park and Breuninger shopping mall.

Beautiful and charming combination of ultimate luxury and natural splendor.

A little further there is a birdhouse, it reminds you of a fairy tale. Like you stepped in another time. White and black swans, ducks, geese, pigeons…

All birds are welcome.

And people, too ­čśë


S├╝dpark in Dusseldorf (part 3)

As mentioned in our two previous posts Südpark in Dusseldorf and Südpark in Dusseldorf (part 2) this enormous park is one of many places where Dusseldorfers, as well as tourists, can find their own perfect spots and spend quality time.

S├╝dpark 19

S├╝dpark 20

S├╝dpark 21

In the summer it is absolutely beautiful, with all the flowers and plants, but autumn and winter have their own perks.

S├╝dpark 22

S├╝dpark 23

S├╝dpark 24

South Park consists of three different areas :┬áVolksgarten, ÔÇťVor dem DeichÔÇŁ and ÔÇťIn den G├ĄrtenÔÇŁ.

S├╝dpark 25

S├╝dpark 26

S├╝dpark 27

So,┬áif a person gets tired from all the nature, there is a restaurant near by for refreshments┬á­čśë