The Apollo Variety Show – Apollo Varieté

Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté as one of Dusseldorf attractions

Apollo-Platz 1 in Dusseldorf, Germany is an address for one of the best Dusseldorf attractions. If you are a fan of great theater shows, entertainment is guaranteed.

Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté – Apollo theater – Apollo Variety Show are all the names of the pleasure place for those with developed cultural taste.

Apollo Varieté is right on the Rhine promenade or Rheinuferpromenade, close to the river Rhine and Rhine tower as another Dusseldorf attraction favorite among tourists. And also at the foot of the bridge Rheinkniebrücke. Great location interesting for every tourist and Dusseldorfer offers wonderful time, lots of plays, spectacles and food and drinks.

It’s easy to reach and all you need is a ticket and you’re ready for a wide choice of variety shows. Apollo Variete is also an active part of Dusseldorf nightlife because they offer late evening shows as well.

People who enjoy art should visit this amazing theater without a doubt.