Visiting EKO-Haus in Dusseldorf

Visiting amazing EKO-Haus

centerecenterFew days ago, when we had good luck with the weather, we went to Brüggener Weg 6 to see EKŌ-Haus der Japanischen Kultur e.V. or The Eko center of Japanese Culture.


As expected, it was perfection. Beautiful park across EKO Kindergarden, peace and serenity.

EKOhaus 2
Everything is carefully arranged to the last detail. Outstanding Japanese culture and tradition welcomes all the visitors and gives them place to relax, look around and enjoy in nature shaped by skilled human hands.

EKOhaus 3

Entrance is free, so all you have to do is find your way of transportation and check out this Dusseldorf attraction.

EKOhaus 4

And if you are interested to learn more about Japanese culture, you can take a guided tour.

EKOhaus 5