Wildpark as one of Dusseldorf attractions (part 2)

Wildpark Grafenberger Wald is one of Düsseldorf points of interest

First thing you notice is how everything is so well arranged, clean with only natural pieces.

There is a beautiful part where children can play and lots of benches for families to sit, rest or have a picnic. When the weather is nice this is more than refreshing place to see. It gives wonderful positive energy and you can get some fresh air.

And looong walk.

The first resident you meet when you get to the Wildpark is wild boar or Wildschwein.
It is a magnificent wild animal, with its own house and yard and lots of open space to wander around. It’s very cute when there are babies, which unfortunately we missed.

And one tip : they like to eat peanuts. So you can bring some. It will be highly appreciated by the Wildschwein 🙂