Wildpark as one of Dusseldorf attractions (part 5)

Wildpark in Dusseldorf

The most favorite part of Wildpark Grafenberger Wald is definitely and without a doubt part with babies  fawns.

Or maybe it’s better to say part with large number of Bambi cousins 🙂

Kids especially love them but adults are not immune on fawns either.

They are beautiful and friendly, used to take food from your hands which children adore. When people come to this part of Wildpark, they don’t forget to bring apples, carrots and similar food so that they can have fun while feeding these gorgeous creatures.

Fawns are not afraid at all of people so it’s a real delight, both ways.

They are curious and just come to you to check out what treat did you bring to them.

Don’t miss it!